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Your Artful Life–The Online Class
Spark (and Sustain) Your Creativity Habit

Does this sound familiar?

I get my materials out to write/paint/make something but then look at the blank page/computer screen/canvas and feel completely stuck.

virtualclassesFirst: You are not alone.  Professional, prolific supercreatives encounter the same blockages with creativity as people who don’t consider themselves creative, at all.

Second:  If you’re human, you’re creative.  Creativity isn’t some rare spice that 1% of the population possess: it’s your birthright, whether you know it or not.

Third: Creativity can be learned, nurtured, and loved into something immensely powerful that enlivens your entire life.

This Course is for YOU

If you’re a wannabe artist, a closet creative, a professional artist dealing with procrastination, burnout, or blockages, this course is for you.

In this lively group class, you’ll unblock your creativity and enjoy more satisfaction and ease in your artistic process.  Learn down-n-dirty tools to open up more vitality and energy. Discover how you’ve been sabotaging your inner artist.  Practice getting out of your own creative way so you can live the life you deserve.

We’ll blend practical left-brain candy with playful, whole-body learning for a hands-on, full-out, participatory group experience.

Lynn’s course helped me reexamine some of the core reasons why I may have been resisting expressing my creativity–a gift greater than gold.

John Burgess, Austin, Texas

Consider this:

People who spend as little as ten minutes a day focusing on their creative expression find they are more efficient with their time, experience more ease and flow in their relationships, and have a renewed wellspring of energy.

We aren’t creative in just one area of our lives.  Your relationship to creativity is directly linked to how you “do” life.  Nurturing your creative process infuses your entire life with a sense of well-being, fun, and aliveness.

In this 4-week interactive tele-course (designed to fit easily into your busy schedule), you’ll:

  • Learn simple + swift breath and movement techniques to get you instantly unstuck anytime, anywhere
  • Identify specific fears you have around your creativity (“I’m not good enough, talented enough…,”) and melt them so you can free up your creative energy in a moment
  • Decipher your body wisdom to learn what you really want
  • Experience more ease around time (no matter how busy you are)
  • Hush your inner critic so you can move forward and turn your “one day, someday” list into a friendly experience of “right now”
  • Cultivate a sense of play and fun that transforms your daily life into one you are excited to wake up toIncrease your vitality, energy, and sense of ease
  • Open up to reservoirs of creative energy you never thought you had

The course includes:

  • Four live 60 minute experiential and interactive conference calls, including live Q and A (laser coaching)
  • All calls are recorded so you can listen in no matter what your schedule is
  • Discussion and community support on a private Facebook page
  • Weekly handouts of easy, yet powerfully transformative homeplay, articles, and resources

Ready to ignite your creative fire?

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About Lynn Cornelius

I’m an internationally exhibited artist, an experienced teacher, and a certified Hendrick’s Institute Conscious Living Coach.  This combination gives me a unique understanding and skillset around the challenges, joys, and best practices of living a creative life.  I have guided hundreds of artists and “closet creatives” to allow their creative power and overcome blocks with ease.  My approach blends my wide-open curiosity, razor-sharp insight, and playful exuberance to ignite your creative fire.

Lynn’s workshops are creative and fun. Great rhythm and flow, opening and stirring me up inside, resulting in beautiful and playful expression on the outside. I learned great tools and processes for me to practice.
Laura Conley, Denver, Colorado

I took this class hoping it would help me be more creative in my personal writing projects, but somehow it opened me up to creativity with drawing and painting, something I’ve not done in a long while. Lynn’s approachable style was encouraging and positive, and she opened my mind to new ideas and explores creativity in a new way.
Debbie Moors, Greeley, Colorado