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Catalyze your creativity

There’s a difference between creativity and art. And it’s important:
Creativity is about opening ourselves to a vast, open space of infinite possibilities. Playing with the unknown. Paying attention to what’s possible (instead of everything that’s wrong or limiting or blah).

coachingArt is bringing back the fruits from creativity-land and sharing them with the world. (In technicolor-blueberry-pie form, if you like.)  It’s where the rubber of unlimited possibilities hits Let’s Do This Thing Road. It’s that magical moment where twinkling ideas set you ablaze. Where infinite possibilities take literal, real-world form — and transform lives.

I help people open into limitless creativity — and then express what they’ve found there through an ease-ful, joyful, purpose-driven artistic process.

What if creativity was your primary operating system?  What if you had the tools to fan your own artistic flames — and live a life ablaze with passion?  What if you treated your life as your greatest work of art?

My one-on-one coaching combines practical tools with experiential whole-body play. Together, we’ll collaborate fresh ways for you to get unstuck and redirect your energy into creating a life that feeds your soul.

Creativity and the artistic process apply to everyone.
I work with opera singers and PR execs, painters and professors, writers and housewives, architects and athletes.

Closet creatives. Wannabe artists. Creative professionals who have hit a rough patch and need new ways to spark their creative fire. People who know they’re creative but find the whole process mysterious, mercurial, or stressful. Motivated seekers wondering how to navigate periods without motivation. People who are scared they’re actually not creative, at all.
People who prioritize their creativity have easier, more fulfilling relationships in every area of their lives.

Tapping into your creativity has so many benefits. Beyond beauty, play, flow, ease, and satisfaction (you know, those little things). Nurturing your artistic process makes your whole life run more smoothly because you begin focusing on possibilities instead of limitations, on intentionality rather than victimization, expression instead of inertia. This is how miracles occur.

What to expect from one-on-one coaching with me:

  • Get to know where you are in your creative process and make friends with “right now.”
  • Cultivate curiosity and appreciation as your go-to tools (way more effective than resistance!)
  • Discover, play with, and disarm your blocks around creativity (all the oh-so-creative ways you’ve found to get in your own way).
  • Learn somatic practices including breath, movement, and body intelligence to un-block your creativity. (You’ll get researched, left-brain candy, too!)
  • Create a personalized how-to guide for the care and feeding of your creativity so it works brilliantly and reliably for you.
  • Gain confidence and heal your wounds around creative expression in a safe, fun way.
  • Learn about yourself and how your creativity works.
  • Get practical, down-n-dirty ways to get unstuck and moving forward in the direction of your dreams (your own art-woven life).

testimonials-leslieWhat she says is always unexpected, creative, and wholly personal to what is occurring in me during that moment. Lynn flows a sensuous medley of deep earth fire, boundless space, and upwelling joy.

Leslie Chertok

My role: to mirror back to you the yet-unseen creative brilliance of you.

You’ll get to have fun and learn at the same time. You’ll relax into that powerful “space between.”  The moment of limitless possibility. That space between you and your canvas (whatever your medium might be). The space between you and me. Between you and your life. Between creative potential and artistic expression.

It will be easy.

No, really: it will. I’m a genius at allowing. Creativity and artistry don’t need to be painful or hard — and neither does your relationship to them. Let’s do the Easy Dance, OK?

It will be playful.

We’ll move, laugh, breathe, and have fun. We’ll dive into a whole-being curiosity (that, by the way, is my personal definition of play).

I think that matching our inner experience and its outer expression is the most delicious part of being human. This is art. I want everyone to experience this.

What qualifies me to do this work:

I’m an internationally exhibited artist, an experienced teacher, and a certified Hendrick’s Institute Conscious Living Coach. [c] This combination gives me a unique understanding and skillset around the challenges, joys, and best practices of living a creative life. I have guided hundreds of artists and “closet creatives” to allow their creative power and overcome blocks with ease. My approach blends my wide-open curiosity, razor-sharp insight, and playful exuberance to ignite your creative fire.

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I offer one-on-one coaching from anywhere in the world via phone or Skype. We’ll create a plan that feels awesome to you — whether it’s one hour or ongoing support.

Contact me to learn more and get your mojo rolling with a free 15-minute coaching session.

testimonials-taylorsmithLynn is a wonderful mentor and a lively, positive spirit to be around. It is a rare gem to have an instructor who is not only knowledgeable in all aspects of their profession but who is also passionate about sharing their love of the arts.

Taylor Smith, Art Education student at the University of Northern Colorado