I look at my projects now as ‘art before Lynn’ and ‘art after Lynn.’ Lynn helped my confidence and instilled a greater awareness, and love of, the creative process.

Lynn has a way with her calming presence to bring creativity out into every aspect of life, from artistry to conversation to unlocking creativity in aspects of life never before even imagined. She has a playfulness about her that makes what used to seem hard so very easy. I find her a joy to be around, and her ability to see through the static to what is most important to you is profound. If you have the opportunity to glean from her creative genius, I highly recommend you do!

Lynn is an agent – a catalyst, really – for life, joy, creativity, love, fullness, aliveness.  I highly recommend her or her work, in whatever form it currently takes. Wow!

My experience of Lynn is that she is an open and appreciative invitation to express creatively. Her loving and directed attention and spacious perspective help me experience myself as an artist – of life. I may not be painting and she sees the creativity in the way I show up. Not only does she sees it, but she holds what she sees as if I were a work of art myself and through this I am able to see the possibility. She does this with a joyful and bubbling energy – she is clearly living her own artistic life and it flows out in her energy as she connects deeply, playfully and with such appreciation. Tactically, her suggestions and advice and exercises are very grounded and obviously reflect her own experience on the creative journey. Lynn knows what she is talking about and relates to newbie creative types as well as productive artists because she is both a successful artist and someone who is new to the journey. She is living the life she is inviting her clients into. Her presence, her coaching and her teaching help me step more fully into what is possible for me creatively in my life and in my projects.

Much was discovered as Lynn and I playfully meandered around my experience of writer’s block. Suddenly everything coalesced as Lynn helped me to see how I was skipping over entire states of being by over focusing on my finished product and upcoming deadlines. As I described my whole body creative process, a concrete actions step emerged. I came home and immediately de-cluttered my creative space. I need physical and mental space within which to think-move-play-create. I now have an amazing creative space, more understanding of the elements inherent to my personal creative process and a rough draft of a new article! Thanks Lynn!