Lynn Cornelius, MFA,
Certified Hendricks Institute Coach

About me–
I’m a catalyst for creativity
An artist. A teacher. A good witch.

I help people open themselves to that vast, limitless playground of ideas (that’s creativity) and then give them tools to express what they find there (that’s art).

testimonials-careydodsonLynn is a spacious, easy playmate. Steadfast, playful and fun, she’s able to energetically and lovingly embrace others with ease. A big player.
Carey Dodson, Architect, Austin, TX


An art-woven life is about so much more than creating pretty things.
It’s about reclaiming the truth: you are a creative force of nature.

It’s about empowerment.

Opening your mind and heart to a limitless world of possibilities.

Matching your inner experience and its real-life, outer expression (the most delicious thing about being human, in my humble opinion).

Bringing into being things the world has never seen.

Discovering who you really are — and expressing that through a life of passion, purpose, and play.

Creativity and the artistic process matter.

I do this work because I believe in the power of art and big ideas. I believe in humanity’s capacity to transcend our mundane, petty dramas, and light a fire of awesomeness in the world. I believe we are all powerfully creative, whether we choose to recognize it or not — and by owning our creative potential, we can make the world a more wonderful place. So, you know … I have humble intentions.

What I’m up to in the world:
I’m a living, working artist. I’m a tapestry weaver and regularly exhibit in galleries and museums throughout the US and abroad.

Check out my gallery here.

I’m a natural teacher. I’ve taught classes in fibers, weaving, drawing, and MA Art Education at various colleges for over 10 years.

I teach virtual group telecourses on sparking and sustaining your own creativity. I love it.
It’s playful and amazing and ease-ful and immensely rewarding.

Learn all about my telecourses here.

Hendricks Institute Conscious Living coach
I’m a certified Conscious Living coach, through the Hendricks Institute, and am a graduate of their 2-year Leadership and Transformation program. I apply Hendricks principles and tools (including whole-body learning, playfulness, creativity, communication) to my one-on-one coaching. Find out more about my coaching here.

I am a closet writer and plan to one day soon be a “writer” without the word “closet” in front of it. You can read my musings on the creative life in my blog, here.

I’m a maker of things and lover of beauty. I luxuriate at my loom with wool and cotton yarn I’ve dyed myself. Some days I’m digging in the dirt of my garden, others I’m digging through the soil of ideas to discover the seeds of my next work of art. I delight in playful collaboration, freshly uncovered insights, and creative sparks that set people ablaze.

Before all this I was a dump truck driver, a landscaper, a life drawing model, a bookstore clerk, a cappuccino maker, a cargo-ship mural painter, and a really, really, really bad secretary. I am so much happier now.

I have a dog named Blue, a cat named Wild Bill, a gorgeous husband (who also happens to be an amazing bassoon player. Yes. Bassoon.) I live on an acre of coolness in Colorado and ride my turquoise cruiser to work. I cook and make up silly songs and dance and improv and share Big Talk with friends and strangers. I create. I love.

Creative sorcery
I’m a good witch. (No, not in the Wiccan sense.) I operate in magic. I’m at home with creative sorcery. My hearth is art, my magic brew is whole-body curiosity, and my life is my muse. I love beauty with smarts and big heart with spine. I’m owning my own power as a creative force of nature. This is a process and a practice. And this is what I’d love to teach you.

Drop me a line? Get in touch right here.